Outmaneuvering Bureaucracy with AI

Making the world a better place requires progress. Progress happens by creating technology through innovation. When people use technology to become more productive, the economy becomes more efficient and we can do more with less. The extent to which this is visible varies by industry. The chart below shows the price changes in industries likeContinue reading “Outmaneuvering Bureaucracy with AI”

You Must Become a Sovereign Programmer

While the real world continues to stagnate in areas like housing, transportation, and energy, the world of computing and the internet continues to innovate. Most recently, ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other innovations in AI made distinct, visual progress. Progress is almost entirely seen through the screen of computers. To make the most out of all thisContinue reading “You Must Become a Sovereign Programmer”

Rebuild the Internet (or Why You Should Care About Urbit)

The internet is broken. In many ways, it has lost its humanity. We interact with platforms and content, rather than people. We control little of our data, massive companies control it for us. Even our identity isn’t ours. A glitch, ban, or shutdown can erase what defines our being online. The platforms we spend ourContinue reading “Rebuild the Internet (or Why You Should Care About Urbit)”

How DAOs Create Community Capacity

DAOs help build capacity within communities. Capacity is important because it allows communities to accomplish the goals of themselves and their members. It allows the community to make the world a better place. Without capacity, members in a community can get lost or devolve into status games and identity battles. Communities without capacity can becomeContinue reading “How DAOs Create Community Capacity”

Building Community Capacity

The goal of many communities should be building capacity. This means developing their ability to plan and execute actions that help achieve their collective goals. It is actions such as recruiting, fundraising, promoting, creating information, helping members achieve their personal goals, connecting members, partnering with other organizations, lobbying, running events, and making an impact onContinue reading “Building Community Capacity”

Everyone Wants To Be a Poster

When asked “what do you want to be when you grow up,” surveys show American and British kids dream of becoming YouTubers. This passed doctors, athletes, and astronauts as the most popular answer. People online say it is sad because Chinese kids still want to be astronauts, but becoming a YouTuber is just a reflectionContinue reading “Everyone Wants To Be a Poster”

Encouragement is Actually Important

As much as we don’t want to admit it, encouragement is actually important. As individuals, we often believe we don’t need encouragement. We think “I am passionate, smart, and tough enough to do this without support.” Many fail to realize that encouragement is responsible for where we are now. We also learn to be distrustfulContinue reading “Encouragement is Actually Important”