TikTok’s Viral Video Growth Machine

TikTok is a viral video machine. It has blown up over the past year and now I see videos from the platform everywhere. I notice them because they are distinct. Videos on other platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, even IGTV) all look the same. TikTok videos on other platforms stand out, and that is a keyContinue reading “TikTok’s Viral Video Growth Machine”

Why Choose Spotify? Podcasts Are the Answer of the Future

Spotify announced they are spending $200 million+ to purchase both Gimlet Media and Anchor. This is the most real investment in podcasting by an established company I can think of. Why spend so much money on podcast production? Spotify spends next to nothing on music production, the main focus of their company. Podcasting is notContinue reading “Why Choose Spotify? Podcasts Are the Answer of the Future”

Mars Or Bust: Why Humans Must Become A Multi-Planetary Species

Throughout human history, the stages of settlement have been: discover, explore, settle. Humans have followed these three stages to settle on every continent. Can we translate these rules into space? We have completed the first two stages. Many believe we can complete the final one. Believers include the richest man in the world and theContinue reading “Mars Or Bust: Why Humans Must Become A Multi-Planetary Species”