How DAOs Create Community Capacity

DAOs help build capacity within communities. Capacity is important because it allows communities to accomplish the goals of themselves and their members. It allows the community to make the world a better place. Without capacity, members in a community can get lost or devolve into status games and identity battles. Communities without capacity can becomeContinue reading “How DAOs Create Community Capacity”

NFTs Are All About Access

NFTs provide access to things people want. People value access to scarce resources; therefore, access is worth money. Money has always been traded for access and will continue to do so. NFTs are internet-native keys to access events, communities, identities, future benefits, people and status. The type of access they provide can be broken downContinue reading “NFTs Are All About Access”

Winning The Crypto Status Game

Crypto is one giant game where people transfer both money or status to projects (coins, tokens, protocols) to try to win more money or status in the future. You’ve learned all about the money part, but not about the status part. Status is a combination of a person or project’s reputation, credibility, and value. ItContinue reading “Winning The Crypto Status Game”

Supercharging Communities Through Ownership

Ownership supercharges community. It combines two trends: Large scale communication and coordination through internet community platforms. Decentralization and increased distribution of ownership. The combination created rapid growth of membership, attention, and value within these communities. Examples of communities supercharged by ownership include: WallStreetBets taking Gamestop from $20 to $350 per share. Bitcoiners causing Bitcoin toContinue reading “Supercharging Communities Through Ownership”