Outmaneuvering Bureaucracy with AI

Making the world a better place requires progress. Progress happens by creating technology through innovation. When people use technology to become more productive, the economy becomes more efficient and we can do more with less. The extent to which this is visible varies by industry. The chart below shows the price changes in industries likeContinue reading “Outmaneuvering Bureaucracy with AI”

You Must Become a Sovereign Programmer

While the real world continues to stagnate in areas like housing, transportation, and energy, the world of computing and the internet continues to innovate. Most recently, ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other innovations in AI made distinct, visual progress. Progress is almost entirely seen through the screen of computers. To make the most out of all thisContinue reading “You Must Become a Sovereign Programmer”

How to Create Social Capital Like Travis Kalanick

Social capital is the dark matter that forms connections between people. It is what makes people want to give you opportunities and help you succeed. Building social capital means people are willing to do things for you, and it gives you power. Few people think strategically about building social capital, but it can be justContinue reading “How to Create Social Capital Like Travis Kalanick”

Building and Bending Frames with Friends

We see the world through frames. A frame is how we view and react to the world formed by our values, identity, and perception. Through a frame, we understand and perceive new information, react to situations, and make decisions. It is formed subconsciously but impacts everything you perceive and think. Frames play a large roleContinue reading “Building and Bending Frames with Friends”

Social Media Is as Social as You Make It

People complain social media is “anti-social.” They are partially right; popular social media platforms optimize for “engagement.” There are many ways to create engagement without being social, and that is what happens. You become a tool that creates engagement for social media rather than using it for your own good. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Continue reading “Social Media Is as Social as You Make It”

Your Future Makes You Unique

How you think about the future makes you unique. It is your knowledge and experiences projected forward. Your ideas about the future shape how you spend your time and energy. There are many futures for you to explore and pursue. You should try to pick the best ones. Start by exploring many futures. You can’tContinue reading “Your Future Makes You Unique”